Sunday, April 04, 2010

They Were Asking For It

Every time I think they can't go lower, lower they go.

The Far-Right is still on about the racist name-calling that they say didn't take place before the HCR vote, even though Congressmen attest to the name-calling, not to mention the spitting (but of course they're just gay Congressmen and black Congressmen and women Congressmen, not to mention Democrats, so it's not like anything they say counts, not if you put what they say up against what people who weren't even there say or who were somewhere else in the crowd* and are good God-fearing Tea Party members say).  And anyway, if it did take place, any of it, well, it was because those Congressmen and women provoked it, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and by walking where they ought to have known not to walk.

You know, like women provoke their own rapes by going out in short skirts, and gay guys provoke beatings by being gay, and black people provoke lynchings by owning property in the South and shit like that.

Here's our buddy Rush to explain it to you, in case you're confused:

LIMBAUGH: I know it didn't happen. There's no evidence it happened. If they had videotape evidence that it had happened, they would have shown it. They don't have it. They were trying to create it. They were being provocative. They were being contentious. There's no reason that that group of people from Congress had to walk through the crowd. They never go to the Capitol that way. They get there in the underground tunnels. They want -- and Pelosi carrying that big gavel with that, you know, excrement-eating grin on her face. They were trying to provoke everybody into an incident. 

*From "Creekrat" in comments:

"I WAS THERE !!! I saw none of this. Lot of chanting, but great folks who care about this country. Not a speck of trash left behind, either !!"

It's so sweet, isn't it?  How the Republicans never litter or cuss?  Guess it's because they all have Jesus in their hearts the way they do.

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