Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Noes...

The Kid: I need some new shirts.

Me:  What?

The Kid:  The only ones I have that are big enough anymore all have Billy Bragg on them.

Me: ----

The Kid:  Don't look at me like that.

Me: But....

The Kid:  I just don't like his music that much!

Me:  But he's Billy Bragg!  It's got nothing to do with the music.

The Kid:  Oh, Ma.

Me:  He's changing the world one song at a time!  He's doing it Woody's Way!  He's raising the Red Flag!  You can't -- You can't --
And then she rolled her eyes at me!


Room To Write said...

I remember when my daughter developed a music taste that differed with me. I was devasted. So began the loss of control of the radio in my car and the cd player in the house. One day we were watching a movie that we both loved and she was at my feet and I was braiding her hair, then she was rolling her eyes and telling me she didn't like braids and that movie was too old fashioned. Yeah, it happens. Take her to one of the cute little stores in the mall and buy her one really cute and slightly expensive top then take her to a cheaper store and buy her a bunch. Of course, let her pick them out. It may take a minute for her to warm up to deciding and it may take more than one trip. Once girls develop their own taste, they can be a little uncertain and shy about coming out and saying, I want that one. Doesn't it look cute.
OOOO, my cricket, life is going to get very interesting around the next couple of years.

Room To Write said...

btw, this is zelda. I have more blog accounts than sloans has pills. I don't know why I have this one. yikes.