Saturday, December 19, 2009

Utter Coolness

(SF Whackitudes Only)

(Although yes also this

It's telling that Cameron describes the resulting tongue as something that is "pronounceable" yet sounds "exotic and not specific to human languages." But if the phonetic elements of Pandoran are all derived from actual languages of the world, then how are they "not specific to human languages"? A charitable reading of Cameron's quote is that the sounds of Pandoran aren't specific to any single human language. Less charitably, one might wonder if Cameron thinks that the far-flung languages contributing to Pandoran don't quite sound "human" to him.)


Athena Andreadis said...

My take on Avatar: Jar Jar Binks Meets Pocahontas. As for the language -- it has (too) many rules but no organic, living feel.

delagar said...

We still haven't made it to Avatar. The kid won't go to big, loud movies, and we haven't found the time + the inclination when she is otherwise occupied.

delagar said...

I remember reading your essay "And Ain't I a Human?" but I had forgotten you wrote it. I loved that essay!