Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More News

Go here for an exciting announcement about me and Crossed Genres.

Oh boy!


Vance Maverick said...


Does your department care about this kind of work, either way?

(The Children's Book, as you say, is excellent. Challenging along the way to my prejudices about genre.)

delagar said...

Especially now that we've started a creative writing minor, I get points toward promotion for this sort of thing -- work in my field -- so that's nifty.

Karenne S. said...

This is wonderful news! You must be very excited. I have learned a lot from you and my writing has improved quite significantly since taking your classes. Any writer that works with you towards a final revision will learn a lot. What an opportunity for you!

sugaredharpy said...

Whoa, awesome!!!

Tree of Knowledge said...

You, my friend, are impressive.