Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back Home And Writing

We drove back from New Orleans yesterday, trying to beat the storm which was supposed to smite Pork Smith, only it didn't.  But it's just as well, b/c now we can hole up and write away.  I'm gnawing away at revisions (I have finally decided how to fix a couple of novels) and Herr Doctor Delagar is working on his new novel.  Outside, the sky is low and white; inside, the house, which has zero insulation, is filled with huddled, well-wrapped writers, burrowed dogs, and the scent of coffee and baking bread.  Perfect writing weather.

I'm making bagels today; HDD is making French bread.  Later, some nice beef vegetable soup.


Jennifer said...

Would you be willing to share your French bread recipe? I have yet to find one that turns out well.

delagar said...

It's HDD's French Bread -- he uses the recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. All I know about it is that it takes him all morning. But it is excellent! I don't really like any other bread except his now.

Jennifer said...

I'm am going to have to try it then. Thanks!