Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Kid Amuses Me

The Kid, as you may have heard, cannot decide whether she wants to be a manga artist, a cartoonist, a game designer, a breeder of cats, or a stand-up comedienne for her adult career.

Just in case it comes to the last, however, she is working on her stand-up routine.  Yesterday she previewed a bit for me: if I had YouTube Skilz, I would YouTube.  As it is, you will have to visualize.  The Kid uses her two hands as puppets, each talking, like ducks.  She does robot-like voices.

Hand One: Hel-lo, Hu-Mans.  We Come In Peaces.

Hand Two: In PEACE, you Idiot!

Hand One: In Peaces.

Hand Two: In PEACE!

Hand One: Peaces.

Hand Two: Look in the instruction book, you idiot! It's Peace!

Hand One: (scribbling in an imaginary instruction book, adding an S, I assume): See? We Come in Peaces.

Hand Two: You -- you just added a scribble!  That's just a scribble!  It's We Come in Peace!

Hand One: (Smugly): Peaces.

Hand Two attacks Hand One, viciously, and they have a spitting snarling fight, which ends with Hand one limp on the bed and Hand Two upright, saying,

Hand Two: Hel-Lo, Hu-Mans.  I come in Peace.  He (gestures to the fallen Hand One) comes in pieces.


Bardiac said...

Hey, that's actually good stuff!

delagar said...

It's even funnier with her voices and gestures. I wish I did have YouTube skills.

Elizabeth said...

The kid should be a stand-up comedienne! That's very funny.

web said...

Find someone who does! I wanna see that!

Karenne S. said...

A play on words... at her age! She has a good command of the English language. I wonder why!! She can always do stand up on the weekends and be... oh, let's see... a scientist during the week. Doesn't Herr Dr. delagar upload things onto Youtube?? Ask him for help.

Julianna said...

Is the cat breeder thing because of Maru? I am now totally, daily hooked on what must be the most charming cat blog on the web, because of you.

delagar said...

Maru is b/c of the cat breeder -- her BFF has cats, and the cats had kittens, and that was that.

Julianna said...

Well, kittens. You know it's a trap, but resistance is futile.