Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Posting: Light....

...to non-existent.

We are traveling to visit my parents & other relatives starting at dawn tomorrow, so posting will be sparse over the next several days.  Y'all have fun & eggnog without me! 


Karenne S. said...

Dr. delagar:
I don't know if you are checking your university e-mail address, so I will ask you a question here, for lack of another way to reach you. Is the Mythology class considered a "Genre" course? I know it is a "Lit Topics" course, but is it also a "Genre" course? I just found out that I need one more Genre course for my degree.

Karenne S. said...

Dr. delagar:
Disregard the above question. I found out the answer.


Anonymous said...

Did you downloaded Wikileaks docs? Give me link plz
Hope for answer