Sunday, November 08, 2009

Look Here

Thanks to Tree of Knowledge, I discovered a new web comic, which I spent way too much time reading with the kid today.

Questionable Content.  It's actually been on the net for years & years, so if like me you didn't know about it already, you've got years of catching up to do.  It's a delight, and I'm not just saying that b/c it has a main character named Marten too. (He spells it different from my Martin anyway.)  Also!  A cute little sidekick robot!


Tree of Knowledge said...

I know! The first day I found it I read a few strips, then went back and started at #1. Then suddenly Saturday was over. Husband had the same reaction; he's the one who showed it to me. Have you found the Pizza Girl plot arc yet?

delagar said...

No! I can't wait. We're only up to #220, somewhere around there.