Thursday, November 05, 2009

Demons! Demons!

Clearly I should not have eaten that Halloween candy.  Bad things are infesting my world.  First my dryer busts, now my computer (the one at school, not this one) went blue screen.  Also, we're stony fucking broke.  Also other hard stuff is happening as well.

Maybe I need an exorcism.  Can atheists get those?


"Yes, my child?"

"Can you come over and expel the demons I don't believe in?  How much would that cost?"

"You don't...."

"Yes, I'm an atheist.  Do you charge more for us or less?"


"That's too bad, since I'm stony fucking broke."


"Hello, Father?"

"Maybe you should try the Wiccans, child.  Do you have that number?"


Vance Maverick said...

You know the line attributed to Niels Bohr -- "I'm told it works even if you don't believe in it".

I hope something works, anyway.

tonkelu said...

I've decided my house needs a cleansing- literally (it's a nasty pit right now) and metaphysically. I'm not sure who I need to see about this but I'm sure they'll charge me an arm and a leg to wash our karma. Maybe I'll just burn some sage? Anyway, I'm with you because something has got to give.

delagar said...

Maybe I should call the Wiccans. We have lots of them around here.