Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TNX for Holidays

Since I don't have classes on Tuesdays this semester, my Thanksgiving break started last night.  I've been busy at work on the I-hope-final-revision of Martin's War since.  I've honestly lost count of how many times I've revised this novel now.  Thirty-seven times, I tell my writing class, but in fact I do not know.  Somewhere between twenty-four and five gabillion times, and we are not talking editing revisions, either, where I have just fucked with commas, we are talking major page-one re-structuring the entire creation revisions.  When I look back at the first draft of this novel, which I won't even tell you what the title of that was, it was so stupid, I barely even recognize it as the same novel.  It's twice as long, for one thing, and really dumb.  Apparently I need five gabillion revisions to be a good writer.  

Though I have done a lot of just fucking with commas, too.  If I never have to think about another comma, I will be so happy.

Anyway, besides revising this novel, I am working on another short story, as well as the first draft of my frog prince novel, and being Herr Dr. Delagar's sou chef.  (He is making Thanksgiving dinner.  I used to cook, but now I just fetch and scrub for Our Chef.  This is okay, since he is an excellent chef.  Also, more time to write!)

We're having turkey from the Green Egg* for our Thanksgiving dinner, plus some sort of cauliflower plus Gruyere cheese deal, plus homemade cranberry sauce, plus a sweet potato casserole (I get to make that, since it is not part of HDD's Yankee Tradition), plus crusty French rolls and a green salad.  Also, I will make the crudities.  My parents are in town -- they'll be attending.  Oh!  And pumpkin pie as well as banana cream pie for after.

Mostly, though, I plan to spend the next five days writing and writing and writing.

How's your holiday going to go?

*HDD's favorite toy, er, tool


Bardiac said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

zelda1 said...

Happy Thanksgiving and good writing. The grands go home today and that leaves me free to get papers written, proposals fine tuned, and outlines done. Man oh man.

tonkelu said...

Happy Thanksgiving, delagar!