Friday, November 27, 2009

Empty Blogosphere & the Post-Holiday/Post Novel Stall

No one is blogging today.  What's the deal, are you all spending time with your families?  Or hungover?  What?

Me, I did in fact put away a deal of the rum and the associated alcohols yesterday, but nevertheless I am feeling okay.  Must be all the turkey and pie and sweet potato casserole that went down with it.  We had a fine holiday, in which no one got damaged badly: me and HDD and my folks and one of my & HDD's mutual students & the kid all met up & my father told rocket scientist stories & HDD & me & the student told English professor & NW Arkansas stories & the late afternoon late winter Arkansas hill weather was beautiful.

Today I do not know what I will do.  I have finished the revision.  I suppose I might start writing something else.  I can't think what, though.  

I wonder if the library is open.


Vance Maverick said...

Time with the family, yes, hungover also. Long "playdate" in which the moms & I sat at the table eating dim sum and drinking tea, while the kids played and quarreled and sang and danced in the living room. Then a strange "family-friendly" version of the Magic Flute -- awesome costumes and props only highlighting the larger question of what the hell is going on with that opera. (Occult religion plus fairy-tale trimmings and a score in which the famous arias, while indeed stunning, are bizarrely brief.)

delagar said...

Dim sum! I'm jealous.