Sunday, September 14, 2008

What About That Book Banning?

It's pretty clear that Palin did not try to ban that list of books that's been floating around the internet.

On the other hand, if you've been watching Fox News and CNN, the paid dogs of the Republican Camp have now begun barking about how Palin never ever tried even thought about banning books.  And out on the campaign trail she's beaming her Palin smirk and saying it's an "old wives tale!"  Me ban books!  Never!

Because you know these Fundamentalist Christians!  They love Free Thought!  Honest!

Here, over at Kevin Drum's site, he gives us the lowdown, which is that, no, she never managed to get the local librarian to actually cooperate (cause, you know, most librarians are tough cookies about issues like banning books, if you have ever actually met a librarian) but that doesn't mean Sarah Barracuda didn't try.

Among the books she, honest, never ever thought about banning?  Daddy's Roommate, Go Ask Alice, and Pastor Am I Gay.  Also, when her charming Fundamentalist church could not get the librarian to yank these books from the shelves, they did what the local churches here in Pork Smith have been known to do: disappeared them from the shelves!  Because, you know, God wants you to commit theft if it's for Jesus.

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zelda1 said...

It's the book banning, the hiring of unqualified people in her local government, the anti gay flaming, the lack of understanding of foriegn or domestic policy and her extreme far right beliefs on abortion, rape, women in the work place...on and on and on. You did read where she passed a law in Alaska where rape victims had to buy their own rape kits? Man she is a woman's worst enemy.