Sunday, September 28, 2008


This, from Angry Black Woman, is so exactly what I was thinking during the debate.

Why wouldn't McCain look at Obama?  It's no mystery to those of us from the South -- well, to many of us from the South, anyway.  McCain is an old white guy.  Obama is a black guy.  How many times did McCain insist, with hot temper edging his voice, with those jaw muscles working in his jaws, that Obama could not possibly know what he was talking about?

You can call that a campaign tactic if you want to: I'm telling you it's a worldview.  The same way McCain does not, really, believe women know anything worth know, he knows, for a fact, this black guy over there can't really understand military or world affairs.  He's not looking Obama in the eye because white men don't looking black guys in the eye.  They snap orders at them, they don't engage with them.  That would be like, well, treating a woman as your equal. You wouldn't do that, either, would you?

Out of touch?  McCain is out of this millennium.  And here's a question for anyone who have no problem with his worldview: how's he going to handle having to talk to worldleaders who don't happen to be, oh, white guys like him?

Leave him in the Senate where he belongs.  That's my advice.


tonkelu said...

It was a mark of cowardice and lack of self control. I truly believe, had he actively been engaged in what Obama was saying, McCain would've completely lost his shit. The bigger question, the bigger picture, is (as you said) how McCain is going to react when faced with opposition from other countries. Will he lock his jaw and refuse to look acknowledge them? Push the infamous red button?

Bardiac said...

He doesn't belong in the senate, either.

His refusal to look at Obama, even when they were shaking hands, was really insulting. But I'm betting there are people in the US who think looking a black person in the eye is beneath McCain. And they scare the dickens out of me.