Sunday, September 21, 2008


We can't afford universal health care, or Pell Grants that actually pay enough to get students through school, or a system of trains that would replace these cars that are destroying our planet.

But we can afford a useless war that is costing us ten billion a month, is it, and we absolutely can afford to bail out these thieving bankers?  Do I have that straight?

Just checking.

Oh -- and while we're on it, remember how the Right is always telling us on the Left it's not fair to be always wanting to tax those rich folk so much cause it's their money, they earned their twenty million a year, it's class warfare, wanting these tax rates of 34 percent and so on, shut up and suck it up and live on our twenty-two hundred a year and do without medical care, it's our fault, should a been born rich if we ain't like it?

Well, okay, then: now that we're bailing out these fuckers, can we make them give some of that money back now?  Out of the money they made, say, just last year off of this crashing markey that we're now bailing out for them?  Money from my tax dollars?

Or is that still class warfare?

Is that still not fair?

Is it only socialism when the poor want it from the rich, and not the other way around?

These rules are so complicated.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.