Friday, September 26, 2008

America the Beautiful

You want to know why McCain is still so close to Obama, despite being so inept he picked a VP who knows nothing about American History, economics, foreign policy, who can't think on her feet, who supports a culture of rape, who is a total misogynist -- yeah I could go on -- who himself can't decide from one day to the next what his policy is, who has demonstrated he is clueless about how to run the country, who lies about everything -- I mean EVERYTHING -- even something so petty as why he's not going to be able to make the Letterman Show -- why, why, why is nearly half the country thinking of voting for this guy?

Well! Lucky for you, my university has been running a non-scientific survey on just this question!  We have butcher paper up all over the U, asking students to write why the right to vote is important to them.  Many of them are, in fact, instead, writing why it is so important to vote for McCain.

Guess why?

Here's some reasons:

*He's the closest thing we have to a Republican!!!1!
*McCain will avoid the EVIL of Obama.
*Obama loves terrorists
*People Died for Your Right to Vote So Vote McCain NOT OBAMA
*McCain is the lesser of two wrongs
*Capitalism Made This Country Great, Vote McCain
*Its a child Not a Choice Obama is For Killing Babies

And, of course, there's the woman I overheard recently, telling another woman that Barak Hussein Obama was from Kenya, after all -- just getting elected to turn us all over to those Africans!  That was his plan!

Sometimes I despair.


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