Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Depressing Bits from Pork Smith

So we take the kid out to eat tonight, as we have been promising and promising her we will, and we're happily eating our Chinese food like good Americans, when -- oy -- what do we hear from the next table?

These two women having a discussion about why Sarah Palin is so perfect a VP, and why Obama "better not get it."

Palin is perfect because she's going through what so many American women are going through, with her daughter being an unwed mother and all, and because she doesn't "talk down" to people.

"She's on our level," the first woman assured the second woman earnestly.  "She's a real American."

I exchanged glances with mr. delagar.

"I just hope Obama doesn't get it," the first woman went on.  "That's all.  He better not.  If he does, he's going to get killed, you watch, and then these blacks, they'll rise up and kill us all."  

She suddenly turned to us -- to our table, where we were minding our own business -- and demanded: "Don't you think that's what will happen?  Don't you think Obama will be killed if he's elected and then these blacks will kill us in our beds?"

mr. delagar, who is much more self-possessed than I am under these circumstances (I wanted to spit something like, are you fucking kidding me, you racist bint?), said, "You're misreading the situation radically.  First, Palin is not qualified to hold the office she is running for, and second, Obama is being protected so well it is highly unlikely he'll be assassinated."

They gaped at us.

"Further," he added, "we're Obama supporters and would like to eat in peace."

"Well," said the first woman.  "Excuse us."

Later, he wondered if he had been too mean.  Not mean enough, I said.  But actually, what is the point? 

Still, what a depressing encounter.


Anonymous said...

"She's on our level," - as spoken by Ms. Obvious. The Bombshell from AK is a prime example of one thing that is wrong with the USA. The Taliban-like fundies that call themselves Christian are a major danger to the nation's social fabric.

My compliments to Mr. delagar for coolness under fire - much better that I would respond.

TJD said...

I agree with you - not mean enough. We fall behind politeness too often to try and be the better person and it's getting us no where.