Thursday, October 12, 2006

Right, then

Someone remind me.

What are we doing in Iraq again?


Michael said...

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join in on a collective blogging section of our upcoming winter issue of Reconstruction. The issue is the “Theories/Practices of Blogging.” In addition to the special section of posts on blogging there will be about a dozen essays on blogging.

The deadline is October 27th.

Our intent in this section of the issue will be to collect a wide range of bloggers and link up to their statements in regards to why they blog (something many of us are asked) and any statement they have on the theories/practices of blogging.

If you already have a post on this you can feel free to use it, or, if you are interested, you can submit a new one.

We will link to each statement from the issue at our site, with the intent of creating a hyperlinked list of statements on blogging that can serve as an introduction to blogging (or an expansion of knowledge for those already blogging).

If you are interested please contact me at mdbento @

zelda1 said...

So, I am not one to watch talk shows, just don't have time. But, yesterday, while I was cooking and studying, the television was on and it was on Oprah and I had the sound off, but a commercial came on that I liked, so I turned on the sound and when it was over and when Oprah came back, the sound was still on and so I was about to hit mute when the guest was reintroduced as the guy who was there to expose that there are fake news journaling coming out of Iraq, being paid by the government. He even said that the only journalists who interviewed Cheney on one of his weird things was actually a journalist on the government's payroll. Now, how can the government have fake news? He, the guy, said they have fake news departments, and fake news and the government is paying for this in the name of cover up. So, I don't believe a damned thing that is coming out of Iraq, not from any news team. They are not telling us the truth. Now, we are fast moving to the very kind of government that Sadam ran: handpicked newsteams, low on women's rights, losing our freedom of speech, wire taps, and video surveillance, and on and on. What we have here is a fucked up nation.