Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Light Blogging

So where have I been?

(1) Grading midterms. Still, yes. I am the world's slowest grader, I believe. I hate grading students. Surely students are not like eggs, or sides of beef. Surely they cannot be graded as if they were. Yet here I am, trying to do just that. Grrr. Many of these midterms, though, are not as bad as I had feared, having graded the first few, though my Vic Lit students are showing a distressing tendancy to mix up Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens. Still it is very slow going.

(2) Halloween. Here it comes, and all its attendant joy. We must carve pumpkins. We must buy candy. There are parties. We must get costumes. (The kid was a siren for the pre-Halloween festivities, with a fancy green gown, full of flowing green veils and lacy bits and sparkles, from the trunk of dress-up clothing given to her by her favorite aunts, also a hat from the same trunk, also Dr. Who high-tops with the costume, and went around telling everyone who mistakenly said, Oh, what a sweet princess!, I am NOT a princess, I am a SIREN, I lure members of the PATRIARCHY to their DEATHS, then followed this up with several high notes of lively melody. For the actual Halloween night she plans to be a dragon. Green and red.)

(3) The agent. My submission came back because the address I had was the old address. So I had to find the new address and send it off again. The agnst, you would not believe. Now I must fret and moan and whine and eat more Xanax.

(4) My alloparent, mr. delagar, is making a documentary, about a local artist. This is while he is writing his dissertation and teaching five classes and writing his novel and while I am working on the revisions of books 1-3, just in case the agent actually wants to take me on, and grading midterms, and teaching four classes with four different preps, and -- wait. Weren't we raising a kid in here somewhere? Where did she go?

Anyway. It's been crowded here lately. I might get some time to post more often soon. Who knows?


A White Bear said...

Wait -- students are not eggs? I have to go fix something.

zelda1 said...

Grade them like they are produce, they don't deserve better. Who can't keep Darwin and Dickens seperate?

CB said...

I say! We are neither eggs nor produce! :)