Monday, October 09, 2006


Oh, do I hope this tactic does not catch on with my students:

The Kid: (From the back seat, as we are driving home): So is it because I am clever that I have thoughts in class like 'is this all there is? Endless days like this? Math and spelling and then silent reading and more math?'

Me (amused): Yes, I am afraid that is a function of cleverness. You are having what is known as an existential crisis. Most people don't get them at eight.

The Kid: I don't like existential crisises. Do I have to have them?

Me: Actually, the plural of crisis is crises. Let's practice that. 'Mama, I had several existential crises today.' Say it with me.

The Kid ( at the top of her lungs): I AM AN ECTOPLASMIC BLOB! I EAT PROFESSORS!


CB said...

she said ectoplasmic? I just learned to say ectoplasmic. oh my, she is so very scary :)

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a fabulous person! I do hope that's not all there is and somewhere, somehow, elementary (and middle school too I'm afraid) learn how to become engaging, interesting, and dear god, stop being so damned dull.

(Uh, when she goes around eating professors, count me out maybe? mkay? thanks.)

zelda1 said...

Ahhh the sweet moments of wishing there were more. Next time, tell her yes, there is much more, there is algebra, chemistry, physics, Latin, Greek, Spanish, and so on and so on and so on. That ectoplasm, man oh man is she a clever little girl.