Sunday, October 08, 2006

Conversation at the delagar Household

The kid (watching me anxiously as I dress this morning): Are you going in to school?

Me: No. Today I am staying home and drinking coffee and writing my book.

The kid (relieved, but wistful): I wish I could write a book.

Me: Who is stopping you? We bought you that notebook. Get cracking.

The kid: I can't WRITE neatly. (flings herself backwards on the bed): EVERYTHING I write is messy. When --

Me: Do you think I was born knowing how to write neatly?

The kid (she has heard this bit before): groan.

Me: How do you think I learned to write neatly?

The kid: (flings blanket over her head)

Me: By writing, that's how. You won't learn any younger, that's for sure.

The kid (rolls off the bed, covered with the blanket): I am a giant blob of ectoplasm.

Me: Hey! I'm ranting here!

The Kid: I eat professors. Aargh!

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