Monday, October 02, 2006


Not that I am for sex with under-age subordinates of any sort, because I am not. Clearly, I am not. Let me come out as appalled by that at the start.

But -- yikes -- *this* is what is going to upset America?

Habeas corpus? Go on an take it away.

Torture? Yeah, that's cool.

(Gay) sex? No, no! That's EVIL!

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zelda1 said...

Most people can justfiy war as being a threat to their freedom, and they don't give a damn about laws, but fuck, don't let their be no fornicating, not with consenting adults, that is out of the marriage bed, or with underage pages. YOu would think that of all the sins we know about, they get their panties in a wad over this, and let murder and rape and murder and rape just keep right on keeping on. Not that I think Foley shouldn't be brought up on charges, cause I do, what he did was wrong. But at least let someone beside the liberal bloggers see that what we are doing in the Middle East is just wrong dammit, we are wrong.