Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Do We Have Kids

Except to torment them?

So the kid is still studying her Black Adder text assidiously, and it contains a whole section on Medieval Medicine, with various ways leeches were used for this cure and that cure. She's munching Tater Skins while she reads.

I eat one. I eat another. She is reading me bits about leech cures. I eat another, and say, "You know, these are dried leeches."

She looks at the Tater Skin she is about to eat, and looks at me. "It isn't."

"Is too."

She considers it. "Leeches aren't this color," she declares.

"Well, sure. Not until you cook them."

She considers some more. "Leeches aren't flat."

"Right, the factory flattens them during the process."

She regards me with deep suspicion. "It says Tater Skins on the bag," she points out.

"Of course it does. Who would eat a chip called Dried Leeches?"

She didn't fall for it, though. She's gotten too clever. My brother Ben, on the other hand. He would have fallen for that one until he was ten or eleven, at least.

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zelda1 said...

That one is so smart. Now, my 28 year old daughter likes candy corn, and I had some left from the last holiday. She is there eating away, giving to the baby, and I say, you know, that corn might not be good for the baby. He has many allergies, among them is corn. She says, what corn, I say that corn, she says it's candy corn, does that mean it's candy coated. I say, yes, that is exactly what it means. I look at my son, even my seven year old grandson and we all hold our breath, waiting. Spit that corn out, she says to the baby. We all started to laugh. Yep, she would have thought the tater skins were leeches, in fact, I might try that one on her.