Friday, November 04, 2005

Who Knew?

Over at Dobson's site? They've figured out what causes Teh Gay! And who knew? It's (a) liking music (b) liking to hanging out with (ick) girls and (c) not getting enough attention from Daddy.

Jeremy was a typical teenager with baggy jeans, an appetite like a horse and a "‘tude" the size of New Hampshire. Or at least that’s what his parents thought.

But more and more, they began to see how different he was from other teenage boys they knew. Ever since he started junior high school, Jeremy felt like he didn’t fit in. It seemed like most of the guys in his class were only interested in sports. Jeremy was interested in music. He was shorter and skinnier than many of the boys in his gym class—a glaring fact that caused him to feel self-conscious. Most of his friends were girls. For some reason, he felt he could relate to them more easily.

But he never realized how different he was until the first time someone called him “queer.” It was like a devastating gunshot wound to his heart. And when others joined in and added the title “fag” to the insults, Jeremy was humiliated beyond words. By the time he reached high school, he was basically considered an outcast. He couldn’t communicate his fears to his dad—in fact, Jeremy couldn’t relate to him at all. So, slowly, he found himself in a world with no male companions or acceptance from men.

Soon, Jeremy began to crave attention from guys and even fantasize what it could be like if a boy really liked him.

Well! Glad Mr. Dobson has that all cleared up for us!

(A bit further down on that same article, I came across this line, which I can't resist sharing with you: "Let’s face it: science is meant to be fact . . . not theory." )

I've been skulking about on their site for a few days now, and I'm just -- what is it with these people and their obsession with sin? It's pathological. Is this a sin? Is that a sin? Did you sin? If I say jeez but I secretly thought Jesus, did I sin? If I don't actually sin but I think rebellious thoughts in my heart, am I sinning? What about if my neighbor sins and I don't try to stop him, am I sinning then? I swear, it's like OCD.

Can't we get these people some Prozac or something?

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zelda1 said...

Of all the sins that are supposedly reported in the New Testament, it amazes me that most of the preachers of that text draw upon the homosexual to preach about. Not how to be a better person, not to give all your money to the poor, not to love your neighbor, not to turn your cheek, but who not to sleep with. I just find it comforting to know that when Jesus was alive, he spent all his time with the people who did, in fact, have alternate life styles. A man who consorted with the devil, a woman who consorted with many husbands, a bunch of single men, and two old women who really really loved their brother. Hmmmm, wonder?I do know that Jesus did not run around with the rich, the men making money off the fears of others, and in fact, I don't know that he or his apostles ever made a dime, unlike so many of those men like Dobson who make millions writing how to live Godly lives, when the formula is in the Bible, free.