Wednesday, November 30, 2005

War on Christmas

Our university has just put up its holiday decorations -- immense they are, and very shiny, lots of lights and very festive.

So I'm leaving my office with the kid, who had a day off and spent it with me. She's trying to read the giant decorative light outside my building from the reverse. "S-E-A-- What does that say?" she demands.

"That one says Season's Greetings," I said.

She frowned. "Why does it say that?"

"Well," I explain, "if it said Merry Christmas, it would just be talking to the Christians, right? But if it says Season's Greetings, then it's talking to Christians, and Jews, and Muslims, and anyone who celebrates a holiday around this time."

I swear to you, her face absolutely lit with delight. "It's talking to me!" she said. "It's talking to us!"

Then yesterday? I pick her up from school and we're driving to Aikido and she's singing one of the two existing Hannukah songs (O Hannukah O Hannukah) and I say, "Did you sing that in music class today?"

"No," she says. "If we sang songs in music, they would be Christmas carols."

Like, duh, you idiot.

And? In Wal-Mart? We're looking at all the bake-your-own Christmas crap? She asks me why there aren't any Hannukah cookies or Hannukah candies (we can't even get Hannukah candles in the Fort). I tried to explain that if we lived in other parts of the country, there would be, but I don't think she believed me.

So do I have a lot of sympathy for Mr. O'Reilly and his faux-War? I fucking well do not. He can fucking well bite me, in fact.

Him and all his lying weasel friends.

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