Friday, November 25, 2005

The Rude One Speaks

The Rude Pundit on Coulter:

"You can dismiss Coulter's mad brain as a belfry filled with those flying rats, but she is the seething evil id of the
right, daring others to cross her line."

Yep. And this is why -- much as many might like to dismiss her as harmless and a joke -- she, like her animus figure, Rush, is scary.

It's not so much that she says what they all want to say -- though she does -- as that, by saying the truly evil things she says, she moves the boundaries: and thus allows the Right to say, each day, things that are just a little bit more evil. It's the function of every trickster figure in every culture. She and Rush are the Right's own Loki puppets. It's not what they say that matters -- it's the changes they leave in their wake.

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Anonymous said...

This is a point well made, but I still cannot take Coulter very seriously. The truth of the matter is, she cracks me up, even when I don't want to laugh.

The obvious, and missing, question is: Who on the left says so-called outrageous things (that we're all thinking but don't say in public) and thereby shifts the boundaries? Noam Chomsky? Michael Moore?