Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dropping By

Just to say, that if it comes up in your life, and the guy says to you, we're going to put you in for out-patient surgery to break up that kidney stone (that big ol'kidney stone, but he'll likely only say that if he's from Arkansas) but don't you worry none, it won't be much discomfort--

Just for future reference?

Don't believe his lying ass.

Plus when I woke up in recovery and demanded my own morphine pump they ain't give it to me.

Just some Darvocet. Ai.


Anonymous said...

Doctors have a different level of pain tolerance than the rest of us. Here's my handy chart:

Discomfort = Pain so intense it will make you consider chewing off that body part, even if it is an internal organ

No = Infinity

You have my sympathy.

zelda1 said...

Oh those nasty lies that the health care people tell. I was told that a particular surgery wouldn't hurt, in fact, the doctor said I would be up walking the track the next day. What a liar. I woke up in severe pain, so severe they had me hooked up to a morphine pump. I couldn't move and I was confused because I thought I wasn't suppose to have this severe of pain. I was in the hospital three days and was still in pain when I went home on two different pain pills. For a week, I cried and walked bent over. When I went back and had the 300 and something staples removed, I told him he lied and he said I did and I said that was rude and he said you would have not had the surgery and I said not true, I would have been more prepared. But on the a bright note, the pain that you are having now will pass and the stone will be gone and you will not have that pain either. So, you need strong drugs and Xanax and maybe even a sleeping pill. Take it all, knock yourself out, let sleep heal you.