Friday, October 15, 2004

Torture is a Family Value

Here's another reason to boot Bush:

You should also go read this post and do as the man says: write your representative, and get everyone you can to write his or hers.

Because, God damn it, this is America. And I've heard all the specious arguments I care to hear about how terrorism justifies it and blah blah blah, guess what, terrorism doesn't, A, and B, torture doesn't work anyway, and C, if it did it wouldn't matter: We're Americans. We are that God damn City on a Hill, and that either means something or it doesn't.

We don't torture people. We don't cleverly pass bills that allow people to be tortured in our name either.

And if we do those things, we stop being a country that's worth fighting for -- that's what this weasel Bush and his ilk just aren't getting. That's what his ilk just never have understood.

Get these guys out of office now.

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