Monday, October 18, 2004

All Hallow's Eve

TBogg ( has a posting about the terrible conflict many southern towns are undergoing at the moment because, as many of you no doubt noticed, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year.

The problem lies with the confusion children will suffer. Sunday, of course, is a day of GOD. Halloween, as you all know, belongs to the DEVIL. The little kiddies won’t know what to DO – should they worship Jesus or SATAN, come dusk?

Here in Fort Smith, of course, this battle has long been fought. We no longer celebrate Halloween in the public schools. We celebrate Pumpkin Day instead. (Even this elicits outrage from several Pentecostal parents each year, who just know that certain kiddies take their pumpkins home and use them to worship Satan.) And instead of Halloween night, the local churches have Hallelujah Night, where the kiddies can come to a “family-safe” environment, dressed in Biblical costumes, and play cheery games in brightly-lit auditoriums for candy and prizes.

Sure, this blows it for the Satan-worshipping pagans and such, who want to go around wearing spooky costumes in the dark and knocking on doors and getting candy and burning candles inside pumpkins and playing CDs of spooky noises, doing all that celebrating the dead stuff – but they’re probably all Jews and Muslins and atheists and stuff anyway, to hell with them.

(Heh heh. Little Christian joke there.)

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