Monday, October 25, 2004

More Rethugging

So here’s a good one:

The Rethugs are threatening to sue Rock the Vote. Why? Because Rock the Vote is telling young voters that the government might reinstate the draft.

Democracy Now! has the story, which includes this quotation:

“Last week GOP Chairman Ed Gillespie sent an extraordinary letter to the group Rock the Vote requesting that it "cease and desist" from promoting its campaign warning young voters that the government may reinstate the draft. Gillespie threatened to take legal action and said the group's non-profit status could be in jeopardy”


My question for the Rethugs is, how exactly does raising the issue of the draft differ from mailing out flyers to voters in Arkansas and W. Virginia claiming that, should Kerry get elected, liberals will make BAN the BIBLE?

Oh, wait – I see the difference now – the government reinstating the draft is something has a snowball's chance in hell of happening on this plane of reality.

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