Thursday, October 14, 2004

King George II

What kind of weasel is this President?

First: He won’t admit he’s made a mistake. Ever. In his entire life. Nope. Not him.

Now this bothers me for all kinds of reasons. One, it’s hubris. Hubris annoys me. It annoys the gods of fate, too, which is way risky, not just for Mr. Bush, but for us, too, since he’s running our country, but pass on, pass on.

Two, it’s emotional idiocy. Nine year olds act this way. Thirteen year olds act this way. Adults do not act this way – or should not. And for bleeding tap-dancing Christ on a stick’s sake, the President of the United States of America should not act this way.

He won’t admit that he made a mistake by attacking Iraq – won’t even admit that he might have made a mistake by attacking Iraq the way he attacked Iraq, or used the wrong methods of attacking Iraq, or committed the wrong forces, or did even one damn thing wrong. Nope. Every single thing has gone precisely according to plan.

And our soldiers? They’re being treated perfectly too. Every single one of them is happy happy joy joy and it’s just dandy.

This makes steam come out of my ears. My students are being called up to be those soldiers. Some of my students are coming back from that war. I’m not going into details here because it’s personal business but they are not okay and it is not happy happy happy with the soliders, people. Everything is not okay.

And if this were a war we had to fight, you know, it would be one thing. If we had actually done some good over there – if it were actually a war against terror, for instance – if it had actually made us safer, or freed anyone – if Bush could convince me of that – then maybe I would be okay with what he was doing to my students. Maybe.

Second. He won’t stand up for what he believes.

He was directly asked last night whether he would like to overturn Roe V Wade. Not, mind you, if he would do it, if he were elected – not if he would appointed judges that would do it – but if he would like to do it.

What did he answer? Well, he didn’t answer. Why didn’t he answer? Because he’s a weasel, that’s why. The same reason he didn’t answer the question about whether being gay is a choice or not – or rather gave the non-answer “I just don’t know.”

Bah, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what he thinks? Cut me a break. He knows what he thinks – and he knows he would lose votes from some part of his audience over what he thinks.

My final question is: who can keep on listening to this man and keep on thinking he has backbone?

Half the nation, apparently. Don't ask me why.

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