Wednesday, October 18, 2023

What the Fox Says

We have two foxes in the neighborhood now, including one that lives in the hedgerow behind my house, and frequents the little stream that runs beside the house.

This means we often hear the foxes screaming at each other. If you have never heard a fox scream, it is the most unearthly thing you can imagine. Honestly, the first time I heard it, I would have believed it was a demon except I don't believe in demons.

Anyway, a few nights ago, the younger fox was screaming into the night, which sent my little dog right out of his mind with fury. I captured it for you:

You can hear the little dog yelling his head off in the background.

This is one from YouTube with better sound quality:

I just played it to be sure the sound came across, and now the little dog is barking wildly. He hates that fox!

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