Thursday, October 26, 2023

Primary Care

I had a follow-up with my PCP yesterday, after doing yearly lab work. I am 100% healthy, you will be happy to know. Okay, 98% healthy. My kidney numbers run a little high since 2018, when I nearly died from whatever that virus was; and my "bad' cholesterol is a tiny bit high. Everything else looks good, though. 

My PCP is moving out of Fort Smith to a nearby small town, because Fort Smith, despite the fact that 90% of our industry is health care, cannot provide the support she needs to be a PCP. For example, I've been trying to get a basic preventive medical test done for just about three years now, and have not been able to get it done. I did get it scheduled, once, but then I got COVID and had to cancel. Now I can't get the people at the hospital to return my phone calls.

And back when I had kidney stones, it took months for them to schedule me with the lithotripsy machine, because there was only one in the entire state.

Good thing we don't have any of that evil socialized medicine here, huh?

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