Friday, December 31, 2021

Goodbye 2021

I watched a mocumentary on Netflix called Death to 2021, and I considered calling this post that, only maybe a bit stronger (fuck 2021), but rose above it. As the kid said when his boyfriend learned that someone in their family (with whom the boyfriend had just spent a week) had just tested positive for Covid-19, "Yeah, 2021 just had to get in one last 'Fuck you'."

Top posts of 2021:

January: My mother dies

February: Giant snowstorm

March: Bigots

April: Bees

May: This was fun

June: Remember CRT? Good times!

July: Unmasking as a Cultural Marker

August: The Right throws another pretend tantrum

September: In a rare burst of good news, my book is released, is featured on Scalzi's Big Idea, and gets good reviews

October: Conservatives try to make art

November: I come to a realization

December: Another bit of good news!

Also, this was the year of Evergreen, Jorts the Cat, Milkgate, that Texas law, and This. Also we're currently at 823k deaths from Covid in the US, and 54 million cases. USA! USA! USA!

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