Thursday, September 02, 2021

That Texas Law

 A twitter thread starting here explains in detail why the new Texas law about abortion is such a deliberate and intentional act of injustice.


Bardiac said...

It's horrifying. And the Supreme Court suxxors.

I did see an amusing post on facebook about it suggesting that it would be interesting if people realized they could use a vpn to make it appear they're in Texas, and that there was a website to make fake Texas place names [there was a link] and a site to make fake names [with a link] and one could thus start filing those lawsuits. And it ended with the suggestion that a bot could do it... And then there was the suggestion that this might clog up the pipeway/servers handling the lawsuit claims and cause various problems.

It reminded me of something an old friend said had happened way back in the day, when folks had to do contact tracing and then have contacts contacted about STDs. So, a guy gets told he has an STD and asked who all his partners have been, and started listing, "Governor Reagan, Governor Reagan's wife..." and so on (you can tell how long ago this was)and finally the tracer said that they'd trust the original guy to do the contacting.

delagar said...

This is great, if true: