Saturday, October 30, 2021

Stolen from Twitter: Do You Know What Your Great-grandparents did?

 I'll admit I don't.

I know my maternal grandmother's mother was a housewife -- she had eight children, six of whom lived. Her husband, my maternal grandmother's father, worked on the railways, but I'm not sure what he actually did. Just that it meant he was away from home a lot.

My paternal grandmother's mother died when she was young. I don't know what she did before that. Her husband -- my paternal grandmother's father -- ran a roadhouse.

My maternal grandfather's parents? I have no idea. I don't even know their names.

My paternal grandfather's mother? No idea.

My paternal grandfather's father I met once. He was a Pentecostal preacher and also a farmer. 


nicoleandmaggie said...

I know a lot about the matrilineal line (great grandmother was a divorcee, was a teacher/principal) but once there's a dude, I've got no idea. They all died youngish.

delagar said...

It's odd, but I also know almost nothing about the dude lines.

Like I only know my maternal grandfather's name because it's in my grandmother's obituary.

Anonymous said...

Respectively, a storekeeper who went under when his partner stole the assets and left the country; his wife was (presumabley) a housewife because whe was dealing with 6 kids. Then, a failed traveling salesman, not sure what wife did. On the other side, a professional landscaper/horticulturist married to a housewife also dealing with six kids, and a seamstress married to a man involved in the livery business (depending on who's talking/guessing, anywhere from a stable hand to a carriage maker). Sort of surprised that I actually know all this, because some of it was not told to me until a year ago.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

My mother's father's father (great-grandpa) ran an egg business in Cleveland, selling them first off a pushcart and then wholesale. I don't know what his wife did, though she lived to be 101 and I knew her, but she was, you know, over 75 the whole time.

My grandma has the genealogy for the rest of my mother's family but I've forgotten.

My dad's family I don't know except his maternal grandma had a farm and his paternal grandma was an Alsatien immigrant who refused to speak English in front of my grandma...

delagar said...

Dr. Skull's great-great grandfather sold bagels and bread from a pushcart in Philadelphia, right after he came to the USA. Then when he'd saved enough money, he opened the bakery that was the family business for the next five generations.