Saturday, October 09, 2021

High of 95 Today, October 9

 I swear all I do these days is fret about why fall refuses to arrive. Today, for instance, the high is projected to be 95 degrees. WTAF.

Weather guy is promising us fall in a few days. Fingers crossed.

Nothing to do with the weather, but I enjoyed this graphic:


Jenny F. Scientist said...

I like the figure too! I think they skipped 'wrongly attributed causation' under logical fallacies, which also includes 'correlation is not causation'.

The other week one of my friends said something about chemo might not work for a recurrence if you've already had chemo, which is a classic in false attribution of causality for sure. (If it doesn't work a second time, it's because it didn't get all the cells the first time, not because one set of chemo makes later rounds inherently less effective. Like antibiotic resistance.)

delagar said...

Getting my students to take aboard the rule "correlation is not causation" along with "wrongly attributed causation" -- such a struggle! I give them examples, I explain what these examples mean, I make them write down the rule, they all nod their heads earnestly and can even explain the rules and examples back to me (I've done quizzes!) and STILL in their papers they are post hoc'ing everywhere.