Saturday, July 24, 2021

What I'm Watching

I finally watched On the Basis of Sex, as I noted a few posts ago. And Dr. Skull and I have been watching Rake, which is an Australian TV show about barrister, as well as life, politics, and sex in Sydney. (You can watch it on Netflix.) 

It's funny, and also appalling. The main character, Cleaver Greene, is an enormous jerk, who also happens to be brilliant in court. The supporting characters are great, though if I were any one of them I would have ditched him much, much, much sooner. Good writing and acting. Also, occasionally it gives us a look at the US through Australian eyes.

Shows/movies I have tried to watch and given up on after less than 20 minutes:


The Lovely Bones

The I-Land


Some of them were too stupid, and some too boring. The Lovely Bones made me queasy. YMMV. We have finished watching Rake, and may try Ted Lasso next -- I hear good things about it.


Releeh said...

Oh wow, Rake! Shows I keep forgetting are accessible to the rest of the world (my sibling actually bought the merch and is thus a proud owner of a Cleaver Greene political campaign shirt) I watched it as it came out, and funny/appalling is a good description - it must be a fairly intense thing to go straight from season to season.

delagar said...

We watched it at the rate of two episodes a night, and yes, intense is the word!

I think the last season was my favorite, and also the funniest. I love that ending.

Anonymous said...

Did you find Upstart Crow yet?

Jenny F. Scientist said...

I want to watch the Leverage reboot!!!!

(I don't really watch t.v. usually, just from lack of time.)

delagar said...

Anon: I have it on my watchlist, but Amazon wants $$$ for it, so I'll have to wait until I start getting paid again!

Jenny: I haven't heard of Leverage -- what platform is it on?

Jenny F. Scientist said...

The old seasons are apparently on Amazon (it's a Robin Hood heist show!) or maaaybe at your library on DVD, and the newest is on IMDB tv for free.