Sunday, July 11, 2021

July Storms

We had a massive thunderstorm here last night. Lightning crashing overhead, hail and driving rain. Not much wind, but the power went out all over town anyway. It was out here from just past nine until nearly midnight.

Luckily the storm also cooled things off, so we weren't very miserable. And also I have long since learned to keep battery-powered lamps in the house. But Dr. Skull needs power to run his CPAP, so he was up half the night. (It's supposed to have a battery, but it's so old the battery doesn't work.)

Then this morning there is a chicken in my yard. I hope it's just wandered over from someone's house, confused by the storm, because I don't feature adopting a chicken. (We don't have animal control here anymore, since the residents of my fair city voted down funding for the office. Yay Republicans.)

If it sticks around, I'll get on the residents' forum on FB and see if anyone has lost a chicken. Or if anyone WANTS a chicken.

Life in Arkansas.

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