Friday, June 11, 2021

Tomatoes for Bunnies

My tomato plants are blooming and fruiting abundantly, but so far the bunnies are eating the tomatoes before I can get to them -- well before they're ripe.

The newer ones are all higher up on the plants. (These plants are six feet tall so far.) I'm hoping the bunnies won't reach them.

We have three adult bunnies and at least two little ones. So I guess they need a lot to eat. I can always buy tomatoes, I guess.

They also ate most of the oregano, but they're leaving the basil and rosemary alone.


Bev said...

You're way ahead of us: my tomato plants aren't even blossoming yet. But bunnies ate my rosemary right down to the ground.

delagar said...

The bunnies here don't seem to like the rosemary. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I finally gave up and enclosed part of my vegetable garden with 24" chicken wire. The rabbits sit outside it and look longingly into the greens, beans, and lettuce. But hey, there is plenty of grass for them to eat, not to mention weeds, etc. So far they are leaving the tomatoes, corn, and herbs alone.

delagar said...

I'm thinking about chicken wire -- it would probably be cheaper just to buy tomatoes, but I do like growing things.

Anonymous said...

I have used chicken wire to keep the squash vines in and now to keep rabbits out. Could also use it for climbing beans to climb on. It is a wonderful product. In serious deer country, they use 4' chicken wire, and they also use 24" chicken wire to wrap fruit trees so critters won't eat the bark.