Wednesday, June 09, 2021

New Computer 2021

 We've finally reached summerly temps here in the Fort  -- 90 degrees today, but extremely humid. I had many, many errands to run, and walking about was like moving through damp flannel.

Also the bunnies have taken to digging scrapes among my tomato plants and lying belly-down in the cool earth.

One of today's appointments was picking up my new laptop from the university -- the hinge broke on the lid of old one, and since I was due for a new one anyway, they just replaced it. This new one is just bigger than a hardback novel, and less than a quarter of an inch thick. 

The keyboard is much smaller, so I'm having to adjust to that. All the keys are in the wrong place. But it's very light (maybe a pound?) and very fast. Good sound too!

Laptops are much easier to set up than they used to be. It took me about an hour to transfer everything over and set up all my links and sites. I guess we're living in the future.

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