Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Glamorous Life of A Science Fiction Writer

I took an hour to name a space ship in my new book today, which seems to have exhausted my creativity.

I'm also still getting ARCs in the mail for my guest review at Asimov's. So far the free books are my favorite part of this gig. 😏

The weather continues mild -- yesterday the high was in the 70s and today it will be in the 80s. Not only does this make my walks more enjoyable, it's helping out the AC as well. Fingers crossed that it might continue.

The kids are coming down the mountain for dinner on Friday -- one of the kid's roommates is having a birthday, so we're throwing a tiny party. 

Did I tell you the kid got a job? The kid got a job. Just a summer job, but he got it in about a minute and a half, and he says it's "bearable," so that's nice. 

Our new roof is complete. That's also nice. No more running around putting basins under drips when storms it.

We went for groceries this morning and I forgot to buy a watermelon. Either I make a special trip now (during which I will almost certainly buy more than just watermelon) or I do without until the next trip. I suppose I can live on cheese and toast for a while.

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