Monday, June 28, 2021

News from the Fort

We're having highs in the 80s all week here -- hot, but not unbearable. (It's 114 degrees in Vancouver! Where they don't have AC! At least we have air conditioning here.)

My tomato plants are filling up with tomatoes and (so far) the rabbits have stopped eating them. I think the new tomatoes are too high up in the plant?

The kid's new job is traumatic in the way that minimum wage jobs are traumatic, but he's sticking in there. 

My dog had a terrible case of hives, which I thought meant he might be allergic to insulin, but apparently not -- I gave him his shot an hour ago and he's still fine.

The dog park here is going to close down, so that the airport can expand. (The dog park is right next to the airport.) Everyone is outraged, but I, at least, am not surprised. The motto of this city is "where life is worth living!" except that every single decision made by the council is aimed at making live less worth living. You'd be hard put to find an uglier, less livable city than this one. 

My review is going well. My favorite part (no shock) is reading all the books. I'm supposed to include 8 to 10 books in the review, which means I'm reading about 30 and winnowing down. (These are free books! The publishers send me free books! It's wonderful.)

Only 12 more weeks of summer. Ugh.


Jenny F. Scientist said...

I assure you that the phenotype of allergic to insulin - a naturally produced hormone required by all mammals- is best described as "dead." ;) I hope the dog gets over the hives!

delagar said...

I did some googling, which said the dog might be allergic to an additive in the insulin (not the insulin itself) and that we could switch to a different brand if this were so. But yeah, that's internet "research", so.

In any case, he hasn't had the hives since, so I'm thinking it is probably actually something he got into in the yard.

D Shannon said...

Here's a list of 18 of the ugliest cities in the United States. Fort Smith isn't there, but my home city is. It's not among the ones with good museums and culture.

You make Fort Smith seem better than my hometown.

delagar said...

Fort Smith routinely makes the lists of "worst places to live in the US." All we really have going for us is cheap rent.

Even the riverfront park where I walk the little dog is only there because someone got an infrastructure grant from the federal government.

Jenny F Scientist said...

an additive I will buy 100%! But, like, not the insulin itself! Poor dog seriously. Do dogs get prickly heat rash? (My kids do.)

delagar said...

It was really hot here that day, so maybe?

We also have a yard full of ants, plus he wanders off into our hedgerow, which is full of all sorts of plants. It was probably something in there. He's been fine since!