Thursday, December 03, 2020

Because 2020 didn't suck enough

So two nights ago, my dog started whining and gasping in the middle of the night.

Our town has an emergency animal clinic. At two in the morning on a night with a low of 22 degrees, I took him to the clinic and sat outside in the icy car (because covid) while the vets looked at him. They did bloodwork and other tests, said they couldn't tell what was wrong, started him on fluids and gave him IV antibiotics, and told me to take him to the regular vet when it opened.

I did that, and he spent the next two days there. His blood sugar was high, he had a fever of 104.5, and his liver functions were off.

Two days and nearly a thousand dollars later, they still don't know what's wrong. They said we could take him to a specialist, but good God, we can't even afford this.

I've brought him home and we're keeping him on antibiotics and insulin and taking him back in two weeks to see if anything has changed. His fever is normal now, so that's good, and he seems a little quiet, but he's eating well.

2020 can just stop now, please.


The Little Dog


Bardiac said...

I'm so very sorry your pup is ill. Wishing him well.

delagar said...

He seems a little more lively today. Still very quiet, though, compared to his usual bouncy self. :(

nicoleandmaggie said...

Poor puppy. :(