Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why I'm Poor

UPDATE: In case I didn't make it clear, but this isn't just why I'm poor. It's why most of America is poor -- medical costs are too high, public transportation (realistically) doesn't exist, and wages are far too low. I don't even have childcare costs to worry about, which adds to the problem for many workers.


Even with insurance, Dr. Skull's root canal was $300.

Plus I'm supposed to have these medical tests next month. Did I mention our $5000/deductible? (That's for the entire family. My personal deductible is somewhere around $1200.)

Plus the car, which cost us upwards of $3000 on repairs this year alone.

Plus everyone in this family needs glasses. I do have vision insurance, but it covers almost nothing.

Plus I looked at my end of the year paycheck stubs. Holy hell, do I pay a ton in taxes and social security.

But yeah, tell me how if I just quit buying lattes* and eating at fancy restaurants, we'd be fine.

*I do buy more books that I should, I'll admit that. But I'm a junkie and our local library is grotesquely underfunded, so that I can't feed my habit that way. :(

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