Sunday, December 09, 2018

More Trouble

The tire on our car blew out this morning. We picked up a piece of what looks like shrapnel somewhere, and it slammed into the wheel rim itself and totaled it.

This is the third repair work I've had to do on this car this year. Two last year, and three the year before that.

There is only one possible conclusion. Our car is possessed. Obviously I should perform an exorcism.


nicoleandmaggie said...

I had friends in college who swore by burning sage in such situations. (Some preferred crystals, but I think that was more of a general good vibe thing, whereas the sage was to get rid of possession/ghosts/etc.)

Although my car is currently in the shop again because the windshield wiper fluid is leaking. That's just being an old car, not possession, I think... (So far this year we've gotten new tires and replaced my starter...)

delagar said...

Hmm. We *have* some sage...