Thursday, December 06, 2018

Vague Posting

Did you ever spend literally months trying to figure out just what was wrong with someone, to make them continually say such odd and ignorant things, and then have a sudden realization that this person just... isn't very bright?

I mean, here I was blaming Fox News and maybe some lack of experience ("Could it be that they just don't understand irony?" "Is it really that they aren't able to tell propaganda from facts?"), but nah.

Just your standard bone-headed ignorance, which they lack the intellectual facility to correct.


Nicoleandmaggie said...

Yes, but without the taking months to figure it out. But as a little kid I strongly believed that large portions of the population were sheeple. It’s too bad Fox News is guiding them instead of some national news platform with pretensions of decency.

delagar said...

Yeah, I blame a lot of our current situation on Fox News.

If people were brighter, though, surely they'd gravitate to better sources of information?

nicoleandmaggie said...

Absolutely they would! But back in the day it was harder to get access to mainstream evil, so they would watch Edward R Morrow with everyone else and flip against McCarthyism along with the rest of the country.

Have you ever watched Fox News? They are so repetitive, and I believe they're repetitive in order to make a dim viewership (remember and) feel smart. They have the same stock phrases that they have multiple hosts and guests say. After enough repetition, the not so bright audience can anticipate it and feel smart for doing so.

Have you seen the tweets from millennials who childblocked relatives' fox news and how it changed their relatives for the better?

delagar said...

Ha, no, I haven't. But I'm not surprised. One of my relatives was a big Fox News fan, and when they stopped watching it, they became markedly less ignorant and hateful.

I'm not even talking about racism or homophobia -- I'm talking about simple things, like climate change, or Obama's birth certificate. When they stopped watching Fox News, they started being able to see how stupid their previous arguments about those had been. It was almost like flipping a switch.

delagar said...

And here's the thing -- while they were still watching Fox News, they didn't even realize how ignorant their comments were. I think it's the repetition you were talking about. They had heard these "points" being made so often, the arguments sounded normal and sane to them.