Thursday, December 20, 2018

Links for your Thursday

I'm writing and writing right now, so light posting ahead.

Have some links!

I'm considering a new page for my bibliography -- what do all y'all think about this one?

In case you missed this: A Poem for academics

And in case you missed this, an amazing short story from Naomi Kritzer

Where your taxes go

I'd love this even if I didn't love bagels

Science says this

From Daniel Ortberg, who is a national treasure

A follow up to the previous, due to all the online harassment Ortberg got for his essay

Women in science

The quintiles, in case anyone is confused about the state of American wealth and poverty

What the above translates into

On the other hand...

This one is just funny

Also funny

Image result for comic about trump


nicoleandmaggie said...

Thank you for that followup to the first Daniel Ortberg post. #2 and I have a rant in drafts about some academic so-called feminist who, as Ortberg says, "purports to worry a great deal about adolescent girls" but is really just showing off her transphobia. That's a piss-poor feminism, and it really makes me angry. I may not understand gender identity very well myself, but I believe people when they talk about their own, and I really don't think that forcing (or even nudging) non-trans adolescents to change gender is actually a real thing, as opposed to say, a straw bogeyman. URGH. Anyway, there will be a rant on grumpy rumblings in the future. Maybe next week depending on what else we have in drafts!

delagar said...

People talking adolescents into being trans is SO much not a thing. If anything, the opposite.

Also, I detest people who claim being trans is a 'fad.' Also not a thing.

delagar said...

P.S. I look forward to your rant!