Thursday, November 01, 2018

Exploring a Possibility

As readers of the blog know, I've been sick for about six months now. My PCP has no real idea what's wrong -- she thinks maybe a parasite, though two long courses of antibiotics have not really cleared up the issue. Her next move is to send me for (expensive) tests.

These tests will mean $$$, and that will be $$$ out of my pocket, obviously, since my health insurance has a huge deductible. (It's something like $5000, though I'll admit I haven't checked the exact number yet. I don't even want to know at this point.)

So before I agree to the expensive tests, I'm think I'll try other things. According to Doctor Google, one other thing that might be wrong is a gluten allergy. I know going gluten-free is very woo, but I'm trying it. It's better than putting a couple thousand dollars on the credit cards.

On the other hand, my current diet is very gluten-heavy.

So! Recommendations for gluten-free foods?

Cheap gluten free foods, if possible. (Currently I am living on oatmeal, oranges, and potatoes. I can see that this diet will get old fast, however.)


Heebie said...

Would you like an ATM elsewhere?

Bardiac said...

No clue here at all, sorry. But it seems worth trying. I have a friend who's got bad gluten intolerance sorts of problems, and all sorts of food allergies, but she seems to have a good handle on things. I think stir fry type foods, rice (but no soy sauce, alas), work. Wishing you well with this.

delagar said...

Heebie: Yes, please!

Bardiac: Thank you!

delagar said...

Heebie: Wait...I just realized I don't know what an ATM is. I thought it was like a private message. Is it?

delagar said...

Oh, d'oh! Ask the Mineshaft! (I'm an idiot!)

delagar said...


yes please!

nicoleandmaggie said...

I tried to leave a message earlier, but blogger and my iphone don't seem to be able to communicate.

Here's a thread from when I was allergic to wheat during pregnancy:

Words of wisdom:
Don't think of it as you *can't* have wheat things, think of it as you get to try new things you wouldn't have had before. (It's hard, but... )

Non-wheat versions of things that are normally wheat are generally pretty expensive. There are a lot of inexpensive foods that aren't "new-American" that never had wheat to begin with. Focusing on these feels less like deprivation. (Much like eating things that are naturally sugar or fat free feels less like deprivation than their artificial versions.)

Arepas are one of those new things you should absolutely try. They're wonderful. If you can do cornmeal there are many amazing inexpensive things you can do with it. Arepas are my favorite. Super simple to make from scratch too-- easier than pancakes.

Most fancy noodles that mimic italian noodles are expensive. Cheaper option: Chinese rice noodles. These are usually naturally gluten free and they're kind of like angel hair (and reasonably priced). They're better with asian food than italian sauces, but they do help with a noodle craving.

When I wanted italian, instead of rice noodles, I would often use beans. This didn't spark joy, but it also allowed me to eat spaghetti sauce with the rest of the family and wasn't weird like trying the rice noodles.

Rice is great.

Veggies and stews and soups are good. Just don't focus on the lack of rolls or crackers.

Corn tortillas are helpful-- but make sure you read labels and the ones that have no gluten you usually have to double up on (two tortillas) or they fall apart.

Rice cakes with melted cheese on top are pretty good.

Real labels very carefully-- wheat/gluten shows up in the oddest places. Like Worchestershire sauce. Or frozen sweet potato fries. (I would throw said object up and be unable to eat it again for another 12-15 months, even after the pregnancy and allergy had passed.)

There are some pretty good and reasonably priced gluten-free toaster waffles out there. But most other stuff is expensive or yucky. Gluten-free pizza (expensive, small, not as good as real pizza) is good while it is still hot and turns disgusting as a leftover.

That's what I remember off the top of my head!

delagar said...

I tried gluten-free pizza last night: both expensive and pretty nasty.

I'm going to try the alternative culture route -- rice noodles and rice-based foods. Also vegetable soups.

nicoleandmaggie said...

Oh-- and you can do most Tamari soy sauces. (Check labels!)

delagar said...

A lot of the recipes I'm reading are suggesting that!