Saturday, November 10, 2018

Shared Mythos on the Right

For my sins, I read more RW blogs than are probably good for me, and I can attest that the common myths Camestros discusses here are right on.

One of them, the Islamic takeover of Europe, featured on Rod* Dreher's blog just today. And of course, there is the ever popular notion that at universities we do nothing but brainwash students and shriek about gender issues and racism sexism trans people. One blog I visit which makes these claims is run by someone who works at a university, so it's not that this person doesn't know better.

Of course I know why conservative bloggers push these lies and nonsense -- it gets eyes on their pages. Anything for money, I suppose, here in America, where the One True God is Capitalism.

*To be fair, I think Rod Dreher might actually believe these conservative myths. He really is that gullible, after all -- he's always running stories on his blog about how some ghost or the other spoke to someone's dying cousin, or a statue bled ichor that cured some orphan in some mountains somewhere. If he had lived in the Middle Ages, he'd have a house full of One True Crosses and finger bones from Saint Peter.


nicoleandmaggie said...

To be fair, being at a university in the South I have been spending a lot of time recently "shrieking about gender issues and racism sexism trans people". They have to know that somebody thinks we're all human and what they're going through is real and not their fault. Bullies just don't like being thwarted.

Granted, I also teach math and critical thinking skills. But these past two years there's been a lot more editorializing along with it. Three years ago the thought of a Nazi coming to campus was unthinkable. But here we are.

delagar said...

Gender issues, trans issues, and racism do come up in class from time to time here. And when the white nationalists plastered our campus with their posters a few years ago, we did talk about them in class.

But from the posts over on the Conservative blogs, you would think we were holding daily indoctrination sessions in the Quad, chanting, "TRANS GOOD, CIS BAD! GAY GOOD, STRAIGHT BAD! BROWN PEOPLE GOOD, WHITE MAN BAD!" Also stoning anyone who dissents.

Hell, we don't even have a quad.

Bardiac said...

If my indoctrination worked, my students would all be studying 45 hours a week, minimum, plus going to classes and such. I try, though!

delagar said...


If only we could brainwash our students! They're about as malleable as granite!