Sunday, April 08, 2018

Sunday Links

I have exams and papers I should be grading, and a short story I need to write; but here, have links!

See, if a guy wants to call for women to be lynched, why, it's sheer fascism if you don't pay him a huge salary. (What's that you say? This same blogger routinely calls for professors and students to be fired / expelled because they say things he doesn't agree with? BUT THAT'S DIFFERENT.)

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Advice on Writing

For everyone who is still confused about trans people, also gender and dysphoria

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Besides this, the new Roseanne is just not funny (I watched two episodes)

The problem with the "science" of racism

This has been my experience, pretty much throughout my life. I still remember the guy who dropped first semester Greek because I kept scoring higher than he did on every tests and quiz. The evidence that a woman could be smarter than he was just broke his fragile masculinity.

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Finally, have some cuteness

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